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Scholarship Programs To Promote and Spread Education Across the Globe

AIU International Funding Opportunities

Grants for Minority Groups

AIU's motto of inclusion and diversity is promoted by awarding prestigious scholarships to students from underrepresented groups. All of these scholarships are awarded to students who are minorities in the United States based on their nationality or ethnicity.

Veteran Scholarship

At AIU , we always honor the heroes of the nation, we award our veterans with scholarships they deserve. Students who have served in the military are eligible for scholarships to thank them for their service. If you are a student who has a history of serving in our military or has participated in military acts then this scholarship is for you.

Women Empowerment

To ensure and encourage women empowerment for the underprivileged women who can not afford to continue their education, are single mothers and no one to take care of their children, or the women who cant continue their education as they have to look after their families, AIU brings scholarships to empower these women.

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