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Accreditations & Memberships

The Accreditations of AIU

AIU University has received numerous accreditations and memberships from prestigious higher education recognition organizations for its outstanding work in online education. These partnerships allow us to continually improve the quality and content of our online curriculum so that our students receive an education that is effective and highly result-oriented. This assurance comes from the fact that AIU is accredited by and a member of some of the world's most prominent regional and international accrediting bodies.



USHEB is an independent non-profit accreditation body certified by educational institutes worldwide. USHEB provides accreditation facilities to working professionals and institutes with the aim to endorse high-quality standards.



The OESAUS is an American-recognized accrediting agency devoted to delivering accreditation to academic institutions containing, schools, colleges, and universities established in the United States. It supports, inspires, and assesses quality assurance processes in numerous academic institutions to ensure academic excellence.



Gulf HEC is a well renowned, international accrediting council that is based in the gulf region but has its presence all around the world. Gulf HEC provides different educational services including credit equivalency service for students seeking better educational opportunities, internationally. Gulf HEC accredits quality educational programs and institutions and our accreditations are acclaimed and recognized globally.

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