Abraham International University’s Visitors Center is closed until further notice. Classes are planned to continue virtually for the upcoming term. International students have been reassured that taking online classes does not affect their visa status

Career Center


Several methods are used by AIU to improve the employability of its students. The university provides excellent career development services to its students. It is our goal to provide not only an outstanding learning experience but also to ensure that our students' professional aspirations are realized. Through specialized career counselling services, Abraham International University's Career Center assists students in launching their careers as well as working professionals in gaining a much-needed boost in their professional careers. Our Career Center is dedicated to providing the necessary resources and services to students and alumni alike, in order to assist them in developing appropriate career plans and ultimately putting them into action.


Interviews conducted over the internet

AIU is a professional institution that assists students in preparing for and participating in employment interviews. We conduct simulated virtual interviews with our students in order to help them prepare for their actual interviews in the near future. The AIU career center offers global opportunities, and employers can conduct virtual interviews through the center.

Digital Presence

As a result of providing you with the best job placement opportunities available on the market, we have improved our digital reputation. Our representatives post our students' professional resumes and curriculum vitae on a regular basis on digital platforms to ensure that they receive attractive job offers after they graduate.

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