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Doctorate Degree (Applied)

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Doctorate Degree (Applied)


With 300+ degrees and certificates now available online, Abraham International University is proud to be helping busy professionals, lifelong learners, and students worldwide. Our Doctorate Degree (Applied) program is designed for individuals to excel in their careers and achieve unprecedented growth.

Abraham International University provides unparalleled online education in 16 schools of study and offers hundreds of programs to determined individuals. We remove all barriers through self-paced online programs allowing our students to break through into the professional world and achieve remarkable success.

Some of the advantages of working at AIU are listed below.

  • There are more than 300 degree, diploma, and certificate programs to choose from at 16 accredited educational institutions.
  • Full-fledged online learning with unparalleled student and alumni support.
  • Providing assistance to students who are just beginning their careers or who are already in the middle of it.
  • Eligibility Criteria

    Min. Master's Degree

  • Duration

    3-5 Years (Self-Paced) Program

  • Credit Hours

    54 Total Credit Hours

  • Tuition Fee

    $42,120 Total Program Fee

  • Courses

    9 Courses

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