Abraham International University’s Visitors Center is closed until further notice. Classes are planned to continue virtually for the upcoming term. International students have been reassured that taking online classes does not affect their visa status

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Student Resource Center

Our goal at Abraham International University is to make the academic experience of our students as smooth as possible, from the moment they apply to the moment they graduate from our university. Our student resource center is committed to ensuring that our students receive the highest quality services and amenities as promised by making everything available to them in plain sight. We have open-door policies so that students can provide us with feedback about their time at our university.

We support our students by inspiring them and by providing them with an educational experience that will last a lifetime. They become a part of the AIU family for life, which is good for both the university and the students alike.


From The Rest, Offering Exclusive Possibilities

There are numerous student and alumni services available at Abraham International University that assist students in redefining their academic and professional goals.

Besides offering a top-notch education, we go above and beyond to help our students find their ideal career path and land jobs at prestigious international companies. Throughout their educational and professional journeys, our students form an unbreakable bond with us.

Career Assistance

Abraham International University provides excellent career development services to its students and works to increase their employability in a variety of ways. It is our goal to provide not only an outstanding learning experience but also to ensure that our students' professional aspirations are realized. Several exclusive services are available to our students, and we are confident that they will assist them in achieving success both academically and professionally.

Comprehensive Study Program

Abraham International University provides its students with advanced and comprehensive educational opportunities. We make certain that our curriculums are kept up to date on a regular basis and that we provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to advance in their careers.

Payment Plans That Are Tailored To You

The Student Support Center at Abraham International University is dedicated to providing students with the best possible assistance in all areas of their lives. Students can take advantage of their customized tuition fee payment plan after consulting with a student counselor to determine their suitability.

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